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Food and Drink | Retail

Opened in August 2004, Blakeney Delicatessen is a specialist, family-owned fine food and wine shop situated on the High Street of this charming North Norfolk coastal village. Blakeney Delicatessen ...[more]

  01263 740939

Cator Family Car Sales


Quality used car sales, specialising in Fords. Cars from £2,495 to £10,995. Finance available. Full MOT, major service, cam-belt if due and comprehensive 3 month in-house warranty with ourselves, on...[more]

  01953 789504

Gerald Giles


Gerald Giles is a local, independent electrical retailer based on Ber Street, Norwich. With over 65 years experience selling, renting, repairing and servicing all kinds of TVs, Audio and Kitchen Appli...[more]

  01603 621772

Hobbies Ltd


Since 1895, Hobbies Ltd have been supplying model makers and enthusiasts with a wide range of quality model kits, accessories, tools, components and guidebooks.

  01508 549330

HTS Supplies Ltd



  01508 520768

Norfolk Gift Box


Norfolk Gift Box is an on-line business offering some of the best products and memorabilia in a gift box, from some great Norfolk companies and artists, some well known and some not so well known.

  07756 655082

Queen B Bath & Body Ltd


Queen B Bath & Body - an independent brand of natural and affordable skin care and bath goodies, designed to make you feel your absolute best.


Sonkai Jewellers


Sonkai is an independent working jewellers with an open-plan studio workshop located within the retail store. Sonkai specialises in designing and making bespoke one-off commissions for their customers...[more]

  01603 625533

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