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Anglian Bespoke Corrugated and Packaging Ltd are an independent family business based in East Anglia, offering a full range of packaging solutions to businesses of all sizes. With over 60 years experi...[more]

  01603 873 100

Bowles and Walker Ltd.


Bowles and Walker is a trade plastic injection moulder, manufacturing quality parts 0.1g to 400g for many industries from medical to manufacturing and assembly. Full CAD-CAM engineering processes are ...[more]

  01953 885 294

Garden Preserves Ltd

Food and Drink | Food Producers | Manufacturing

Garden Preserves is a small family business based in Dereham. All our preserves are handmade and we pride ourselves in producing quality preserves. Our Traditional Range includes a selection of Jam’...[more]


Structure-flex Ltd


Structure-flex is a leading digital printer with the latest large-format printing technologies capable of printing directly onto roll-fed media. Specialising in the use of PVC and high-frequency fabri...[more]

  01263 863 100

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