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IT | IT and Technology

We offer friendly, affordable Business IT services to SME's across the country. From Ad-Hoc support to monthly support contracts, we take the stress out of your IT so you can concentrate on your busin...[more]

  07747 037235

52Degrees Telecom Limited

Broadband | IT and Technology

We offer offer a full comprehensive range of managed IT support packages and pay as you go services for all sizes of businesses. Whether you are SME or a large corporation, we have the technical exper...[more]


A J Syder Plumbing and Heating Ltd

Home and Garden | Plumbing

We are a fully certified small team of four which pride ourselves on providing a professional and friendly service at competitive prices for all your plumbing and heating problems. We are a genuine, e...[more]

  01603 432529

Abacus Book-keeping Consultancy

Bookkeeping | Professional Services

More than just a book-keeper or payroll provider - as a qualified accountant accounts preparation can be undertaken - but whichever service is required advice & communication is maintained along t...[more]

  07851 600355

Able Community Care

Care Services | Other

Able Community Care are proud providers of live-in care across the UK since 1980. A family run business in the heart of Norfolk offering a real alternative to residential care. We are experienced in p...[more]

  01603 7645657

Activity Team

Business Consultancy | Business Services

Community can be defined in a variety of ways. It consists of a number of different elements, all of which have their own aims and objectives. If you are a charity, community group, business or pub...[more]

  01953 605434 or 07851 370666

Adept IT Solutions

IT | IT and Technology

Adept IT Solutions Ltd provides IT support services to businesses and homes across Norwich and Norfolk. We are approachable, clear thinking and embrace new technology so that our customers can get the...[more]

  01603 451810

Adept Supply Chain Solutions Ltd

Business Consultancy | Business Services

Are you seeking increased profitability and organic growth? Whether a start-up or established business, a product manufacturer or service provider, Adept Supply Chain Solutions will utilise extensive ...[more]

  07890 657047

Adrenalize Personal Training

Health, Beauty and Wellbeing | Personal Training

Bespoke personal training, health, fitness and nutrition solutions for individuals, couples and groups. Suitable for all levels of fitness and personalised programmes can take place in my fully equipp...[more]

  07912 622889

ALine Telecomms Ltd

Broadband | IT and Technology

A local telecommunications company serving East Anglia with telephone, broadband, WiFi solutions. Domestic and business.

  01603 672626

Anglia Business Cleaning

Business Services

Domestic and commercial cleaning across Norfolk, end of tenancy cleans, builders cleans, showrooms, offices, spring cleans or deep cleans, one offs or a regular service to suit your needs. Fully insur...[more]

  01603 660263

Anglia Chiropractic Healthcare Ltd


Anglia Chiropractic and K-Laser Medical therapy, founded in 2002, is a leading Chiropractic clinic and therapy centre, where its dedicated and experienced team provides individually tailored treatment...[more]

  01603 414740

Anglia Computer Solutions Ltd

IT | IT and Technology

Looking for Business IT Support, a New computer or repair? Anglia Computer Solutions Ltd offer a wide range of PC, Laptop, Tablet & server related products and repair services. We stock a large ra...[more]

  01760 336122

Anglia Free Range Eggs Ltd

Food and Drink | Food Producers

Anglia Free Range Eggs Ltd are producers & packers of free range eggs, we can supply delicious locally produced free range eggs into the food service, wholesale & retail sectors. At Anglia ...[more]


Anglian Bespoke Corrugated


Anglian Bespoke Corrugated and Packaging Ltd are an independent family business based in East Anglia, offering a full range of packaging solutions to businesses of all sizes. With over 60 years experi...[more]

  01603 873 100

Anglian Internet

IT | IT and Technology

Anglian Internet “East Anglia’s Premier Computer Retailer” offer everything Computer and IT related. We sell Computers and Laptops and we repair them to. We have the best range of PC hardware an...[more]

  01603 400200

Archangel Distilleries Ltd

Food and Drink | Food Producers

Archangel Gin is handcrafted in the heart of Norfolk, half way between the great monastic houses of Walsingham and Castle Acre. We produce ‘Angeli Ab Oriente’, Angels from the East; spiri...[more]

  01328 744436

Art 4 Youth – Norwich Art School

Education | Training, Education and Personal Development

Art 4 Youth - Norwich Art School is founded for the purpose of supplementary education in Fine Art, which promotes creative, aesthetic and intellectual development of children and young people aged 7 ...[more]

  07938 955 385

Aston Shaw

Accountants | Professional Services

Aston Shaw are award-winning accountants, auditors and advisors with six offices across East Anglia, including Norwich, Cambridge, Ipswich, Dereham, Great Yarmouth and King’s Lynn. Get in touch toda...[more]

  01603 616300

at your chiropractors

Chiropractor | Health, Beauty and Wellbeing

Chiropractic is a drug-less and non-invasive form of healthcare, designed to reduce pain and restore movement. We offer treatments to individuals in our clinic, but our mobile service means we can eve...[more]

  01362 700 550

AVN Arena Accountants

Accountants | Professional Services

Grow your Sales, Grow your Profits, Pay Less Tax. Running a small or medium-sized owner-managed business? Want to get the best possible financial and tax saving advice, all for a low monthly fee...[more]

  0800 1691879

Balanced Financial Services

Finance | Professional Services

Mortgage broker/Adviser offering mortgages for first time buyers, residential owner occupied properties, and specialist in buy to let mortgages including complex multi-unit, multi-let, student lets, L...[more]

  07824 695852

Baobab Marketing

Business Services | Marketing

Baobab Marketing specialises in bespoke marketing solutions for start-ups and small to medium sized businesses. At Baobab Marketing, we understand that each business is unique and has a different set ...[more]


Belmore Wood Ltd.

Insurance | Professional Services

Belmore Wood is an independent insurance broker specialising in Personal and Commercial insurance for private individuals, small businesses and large corporate clients. Using our network of specialist...[more]

  0845 555 4045


IT and Technology | Security

B-Guarded look after all your electronic security needs in East Anglia. We can install and repair and upgrade any alarm system whether it be small or large, domestic or commercial and will always f...[more]

  01603 211 696

Big C Cancer Charity


Big C is Norfolk’s Cancer Charity. Since 1980, with the support of the local community, we’ve been working to improve the lives of local people affected by cancer. Through our local Support and In...[more]

  01603 619900


Business Services | Marketing

BIGDaddyPR is a cutting edge social media agency. With our approach to social media, our flair and ability to story tell, we punch your message out to the right audience. New customers are drawn to...[more]

  01603 673693

Birchwood Energy

Energy | Energy Consultants

Birchwood Energy Ltd is an Independent Energy Consultancy which provides energy contract management expertise to all sizes of companies looking to ensure that they are getting the utility contract tha...[more]

  01603 754 112

Blakeney Delicatessen

Food and Drink | Retail

Opened in August 2004, Blakeney Delicatessen is a specialist, family-owned fine food and wine shop situated on the High Street of this charming North Norfolk coastal village. Blakeney Delicatessen ...[more]

  01263 740939

Blooming Artificial

Florists | Home and Garden

Blooming Artificial is one of the UK’s leading retailers of artificial plants, flowers, trees and hedges. We supply individuals and businesses alike in Norfolk and across the UK! Blooming Artific...[more]


Bluespace Ltd

Business Services | Commercial Interior Design

Bluespace Ltd are an office design, fit out and furniture company based in Rackheath, Norfolk. We work with a number of local businesses to deliver bespoke office interior design for a wide range of c...[more]

  01603 722123

Bounce Back Castles Ltd

Entertainment | Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism

Bounce Back Castles Ltd strive to provide an exceptional service providing bouncy castles for hire all over Norwich, Norfolk and Suffolk. We have a whole range of unique, fun and one of a kind castles...[more]

  01603 395209

Bowles and Walker Ltd.


Bowles and Walker is a trade plastic injection moulder, manufacturing quality parts 0.1g to 400g for many industries from medical to manufacturing and assembly. Full CAD-CAM engineering processes are ...[more]

  01953 885 294



Break is a Norfolk based charity working with vulnerable children, young people and families providing services for young people in care and moving on; children and young people with disabilities; fam...[more]

  01603 670100

  Tramadol Buy

Bright Yellow Marketing

Business Services | Marketing

Social Media Training and Marketing. Bright Yellow Marketing train local businesses how to use social media effectively. We also help local businesses with their marketing, including social media a...[more]

  01953 600534

Broadland Aerials

Aerials | Home and Garden

Broadland Aerials are a genuine local family firm. We serve Norwich and the surrounding area, covering most NR postcodes. Broadland Aerials are specialists installers of TV Aerials & Freesat. We c...[more]

  01603 714797

Bunns Farm Meats

Food and Drink | Food Producers

Home reared Scottish highland beef. Locally sourced Pork and lamb.


Burton Green Design

Business Services | Commercial Interior Design

Burton Green Design is a professional, commercial interior design company offering a comprehensive range of services throughout East Anglia. Incorporating all aspects of interior design, including ...[more]

  01603 461294

Cabins Unlimited

Home and Garden

Cabins Unlimited supply a wide range of timber buildings including sheds, log cabins, garages, workshops, gazebos, hot tub enclosures, accommodation, home offices, garden buildings and many more. W...[more]

  01362 470075

Cator Family Car Sales


Quality used car sales, specialising in Fords. Cars from £2,495 to £10,995. Finance available. Full MOT, major service, cam-belt if due and comprehensive 3 month in-house warranty with ourselves, on...[more]

  01953 789504


Business Services | Business Support

Norfolk-based complete communications provider. Business to Business division of Digital Phone Company. Delivering bespoke Mobile, Fixed line, VoIP & Broadband solutions.

  01603 777770

City Locks Norwich Ltd

Home and Garden | Maintenance

We are a professional locksmith in Norfolk. We offer routine lock repairs and replacements for both domestic and commercial properties. Our locksmiths are available 24/7 for emergency call outs, inclu...[more]

  01603 407071

Claire Carney Floral and Balloon Designs

Creative and Arts

Whether you're looking for beautiful flowers or stunning balloon decor for either a private celebration or corporate event, I can help! From weddings and funerals to birthdays and anniversaries, I sou...[more]

  07591 524348

Clapham & Collinge

Professional Services | Solicitors

Clapham & Collinge is a local, leading firm of expert solicitors based in Norfolk. With offices in Norwich, Brooke, Sheringham and North Walsham, we provide a full range of legal services for busi...[more]

  01603 693500

Clarick Cleaning

Cleaning | Home and Garden

Clarick Cleaning offers domestic cleaning and home help services in and around Norwich. Regular weekly or fortnightly services and one off/spring cleans or deep cleans. We also offer other domestic...[more]

  01603 957094


Business Consultancy | Business Services

Clarity is a Norwich-based consultancy practice specialising in Business Coaching, Web Development, Website Hosting and Digital Marketing services. At Clarity, we help our clients to grow in new ways,...[more]

  01603 929848

Clear Consulting and Design Ltd

Construction | Consultancy

Clear Consulting and Design Ltd offers Mechanical and Electrical Design Services and Project Management. Our mission is to deliver a consistently excellent standard of design and project management...[more]

  01603 555098

Coffee Express

Catering | Food and Drink

Coffee Express are tea and coffee merchants serving the catering industry in Norfolk and Suffolk. We offer a wide range of locally roasted coffee with a reliable friendly service, we also have a very ...[more]

  01692 403 176

Coffee Quest Ltd

Catering | Food and Drink

Coffee Quest Ltd are a family run business based in Lenwade on the outskirts of Norwich. We offer coffee machines which we have selected to offer performance, durability and value for money. We also o...[more]

  01603 871652

Coleman Opticians

Health, Beauty and Wellbeing | Opticians

Coleman Opticians, Norwich are a family run independent opticians. We aim to be family focussed and have developed an area dedicated to children. Quality eye-care and affordable eye-wear has been t...[more]

  01603 624 564

Contract Personnel Ltd.

Business Services | Recruitment

Established in 1989, with branches in Norwich, Thetford and Diss, Contract Personnel is an independent recruitment agency supplying temporary and permanent staff to local businesses. Whether you need ...[more]

  01603 764044

Core Fire & Security Systems Ltd

IT and Technology | Security

Core Fire & Security Systems Ltd are here to look after you, your business and your property. Call us for free advice on how to protect your business from fire and crime. Core Fire & Securi...[more]

Corporate Growth Consultancy Ltd

Training | Training, Education and Personal Development

Helping businesses grow and prosper through organisational development. Using proven techniques and tools such as Everything DiSC© and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team ™ we can help you increase p...[more]

  01379 308690

Crab Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping | Professional Services

I have a complex skill set that allows me to offer a full range of services to Sole Traders, Partnerships and Limited Companies. I am also able to undertake Self Assessment Tax Returns. Above all that...[more]

  01263 512322

Cup-O-T: Wellness and Therapy Services

Health, Beauty and Wellbeing | Wellbeing

Cup-O-T: Wellness and Therapy Services is a not-for-profit Occupational Therapy practice. Cup-O-T’s registered Occupational Therapists provide mental health interventions and wellness sessions on a ...[more]


Customised Ltd

Home and Garden | Home Technologies

Customised offers a full Smart Technology design and installation service to clients across East Anglia. Our bespoke intelligent systems control the multiple services now entering both residential and...[more]

  01508 528964

Danica TCL

Accountants | Professional Services

Danica TCL has been based in rural Norfolk for over 18 years, caring for local, national and international clients. We offer a bespoke service, fixed fees, monthly payments and XERO bookkeeping access...[more]

  01953 660 090

Dann’s Ice Cream

Food and Drink | Food Producers

Dann's Ice Cream create luxury Norfolk Ice Cream using Milk and Cream from their own herd of Holstein Frisian Cattle. They create a delicious product using local fruit wherever possible. They create i...[more]

  01362 638116

Deer Cottage Holiday Let

Venues | Venues

Deer Cottage in Thompson is a one bedroom cosy modern cottage. It has the added attraction of a hot tub and log burner. There is a pub in the village which is a short walk away. The nearest town for ...[more]


Derry Art

Creative and Arts

I am an artist working with ink, acrylic and watercolour, paintings mainly rural scenes, tractors and traction engines. An author and illustrator of children's farm books based at Applegate Farm. B...[more]


DMB Norwich Ltd.

Home and Garden | Plumbing

At DMB Norwich Ltd we provide an honest and friendly service that is also competitively priced. We will work as quickly and efficiently as possible to fix all your plumbing problems. We offer a huge r...[more]

  01603 702613

Drinklink Vending Services Ltd

Catering | Food and Drink

Drinklink Vending Services is a local business providing commercial coffee machines to businesses and caterers across Norfolk. We offer a wide variety of machines and a large selection of hot drinks t...[more]

  0800 3166920

DRS Felt Roofing

Construction | Roofing

Flat Roofing Specialist with 30 years Experience. Top Quality High Performance Felt systems used. Garages, Dormers and Extension Roofs. New Deckings , Fascias and Guttering. Whatever type of flat r...[more]

  01692 652149

East Coast Hospice Charity


Hospice Appeal to build an adult hospice, with day care facilities, for people in the Great Yarmouth & Waveney areas. This will provide specialist care for patients and their families living with ...[more]

  01493 718707

Eastern Landlords Association

Professional Services

Eastern Landlords Association provides an invaluable service for landlords. Membership is provided to over 1,350 reputable private residential landlords across the UK.

  01603 767101

Easy Clean

Business Services

Whether you are looking for a weekly cleaner, a holiday let changeover service or something more Easy clean can help.

  01692 773023

EBC Pest Control

Home and Garden | Pest Control

EBC Pest Control deals with all types of pest control, including birds, rodents and insects. With over twenty years of experience in the business, we are able to survey your building and offer you the...[more]

  01760 722715 / 07902991716

EggCup Web Design

Business Services | Web Design and Development

EggCup Web Design create crisp websites that are easy to use and optimised for mobile screens. We keep clutter at bay, so your visitors can find the information they want quickly. Our websites come...[more]

  01603 516 377

Eight Dumplings of Norfolk

Catering | Food and Drink

Eight Dumplings successfully marries together the best locally produced Norfolk ingredients, with Northern Chinese dishes. Simple, delicious, healthy and comforting food that everyone can enjoy on dif...[more]

  07478 704089

Embrace PFC CIC

Personal Development | Training, Education and Personal Development

Embrace PFC CIC believe that everybody deserves the chance to become the best they can be. We support individuals who feel marginalised and excluded from society, primarily through homelessness, being...[more]

  07956 679967

Emma Roache – Unlocking Your Full Potential

Training, Education and Personal Development

Working with me, Emma Roache – Unlocking Your Full Potential, you will gain gain more clarity and clear direction, increasing confidence and self-esteem, setting clear achievable goals, enabling you...[more]

  07956 679 967

Empresa Limited

IT and Technology

Empresa can deliver a full range of digital marketing including website design, on-line shops, search engine optimisation, domain registration, hosting, email services, e-mail marketing campaigns to m...[more]

  01603 623030

EnigMedia Marketing

Business Services | Marketing

Need help with social media? Looking for new web content? EnigMedia Marketing can help with our friendly and efficient business support service! We provide social media management, online marketing...[more]

01603 552145

Epic Event Hire

Events | Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism

Epic Event Hire is one of the leading Tramadol 50 Mg Buyand Lowest Priced Tramadol Online

Epic Studios

Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism | Venues

Epic Studios is a family run business providing a unique space within the old Anglia TV Studios. Epic hosts music and sports events from 100-1000 from local bands to national and international mu...[more]

  01603 772772

Example Marketing and Web Design

Business Services | Marketing

Our aim is to help local businesses grow. We do that by helping you reach the right people with the right messages at the right time. We can support you as much or as little as you need. We can man...[more]

  01362 708500

Expert Print Management Ltd.

Business Services | Printing

Expert Print Management is a Norfolk based print management company supplying print, promotional products and graphics to businesses throughout the UK.

  01603 397 704

Fenland Fire Appliance LLP

Fire Safety | Other

Fenland Fire is a family run business offering the best services in fire safety since 1981. We offer Fire Extinguishers, Alarms, Blankets, Stands and Cabinets all backed up by our qualified staff. We ...[more]

  01945 582358

First Aiducate Ltd

Training | Training | Training, Education and Personal Development

At First Aiducate our goal is simple: we want effective, confident, knowledgeable practitioners of First Aid. To achieve this we offer bespoke First Aid training courses to meet the needs of your o...[more]


FlexiMed Training

Training | Training | Training, Education and Personal Development

We understand that few people enjoy First Aid training; It can be time consuming and costly. For that reason, FlexiMed Training aim to make it as stress free and as enjoyable as possible.

  0333 444 9940

FreeClix Ltd

IT | IT and Technology

FreeClix is an internet communications provider that designs and builds secure networks for businesses. We offer a complete range of IT managed services and end to end network solutions for small to e...[more]

  01603 703340

Garden Preserves Ltd

Food and Drink | Food Producers | Manufacturing

Garden Preserves is a small family business based in Dereham. All our preserves are handmade and we pride ourselves in producing quality preserves. Our Traditional Range includes a selection of Jam’...[more]


Garden Room Designs

Home and Garden

At Garden Room Designs we design and build the very best quality bespoke Garden Rooms, Orangeries and Garden Offices throughout Norfolk and Suffolk. We also provide a unique Conservatory Transformatio...[more]

  01603 720005

Gerald Giles


Gerald Giles is a local, independent electrical retailer based on Ber Street, Norwich. With over 65 years experience selling, renting, repairing and servicing all kinds of TVs, Audio and Kitchen Appli...[more]

  01603 621772


Creative and Arts | Photography

GGS provide Creative Visual Media to help businesses stand out in an ever more competitive marketplace. We design and build Exhibition Stands for shows all over Europe, we offer Commercial Photography...[more]

  01603 622500

Glow Virtual Assistants

Business Services | Business Support

Glow Virtual Assistants (part of Serena Fordham Enterprises Limited) is a forward-thinking agency of skilled and qualified Virtual Assistants, specialising in supporting entrepreneurs and businesses t...[more]

  07794 542181

Golden Triangle Brewery

Food and Drink | Pubs

Golden Triangle have been brewing modern well hopped ales for Norwich and Norfolk since 2011. A selection of beers can be found in some of the finest real ale pubs of Norwich and surrounding areas as ...[more]

  07976 281132

Green Farm Coffee

Food and Drink | Food Producers

Green Farm Coffee are small batch, artisan coffee roaster where our beans are roasted, cooled, packed and send straight to our customers, you can even purchase small bags of our coffee on our website....[more]

  01603 720004

Grow Your Business (East Anglia) Ltd

Accountants | Professional Services

Grow Your Business (East Anglia) Ltd are friendly accountants from Swaffham and Fakenham, believing that an accountant’s job is as a friend to the business. We will do your accounts, tax-return, pay...[more]

  01760 723830

Hallswood Animal Sanctuary


Hallswood is a wildlife Sanctuary caring for all forms of wildlife; in special cases, we offer care and support to domesticated animals and birds. We will take domestic animals only in cases where th...[more]

  01603 927465

Hangman Curtains & Blinds

Furnishings | Home and Garden

Hangman Curtains & Blinds supply and fit vertical, venetian, roller, Roman and wooden blinds. We supply and fit curtains, curtain fabric, poles, tracks and tiebacks. We stock Harlequin and Blendwo...[more]

  01603 713 705

Hansells Solicitors & Financial Advisers

Professional Services | Solicitors

Hansells Solicitors & Financial Advisers, one of the county's leading law practices, working from its seven offices across Norfolk.

  01603 615731

Haysman Consulting Limited

Business Consultancy | Business Services

Every year in the UK, poor health and safety costs the economy a staggering £14.3 Billion. We're freelance Health and Safety specialists who will help you to protect your people, property and profit ...[more]

  01603 343430

Healthy You Healthy Planet

Health, Beauty and Wellbeing | Wellbeing

Healthy You Healthy Planet is an enteprise that promote mental and physical wellbeing. We run *Stress Management Workshops *Relax Kids classes to help children be their calm, confident best * Support ...[more]

  07826 084974

Heat Different

Energy | Renewables

Heat Different specialise in installing renewable heating solutions across East Anglia. We offer a range of products, including Ground Source Heat Pumps, Air Source Heat Pumps, Biomass Boilers and Sol...[more]

  01603 406052

Heather Flint – Bespoke Seamstress & Artisan

Creative and Arts | Seamstress

Heather Flint - Bespoke seamstress creating Special Occasion clothing – including wedding and bridesmaid dresses; flower girl and page boy attire; Mother-of-the-Bride or Groom ensembles; christening...[more]

  07740 680966

Hempnall Mill Centre

Business Services | Venues | Venues

Hempnall Mill Centre is a modern well equipped, fully accessible, meeting/training facility, located in the South Norfolk village of Hempnall, within easy reach of Norwich, Wymondham, Long Stratton an...[more]

  01508 499061

Henderson Trust

Business Services | Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism | Venues | Venues

The Henderson Business Centre (HBC) offers modern purpose built meeting rooms, offices and industrial units. Its great position, ample free parking and flexible terms are unquestionable but, as all it...[more]

  01603 251700

Heritage Will Writers

Professional Services

Award-winning Heritage Will Writers is one of East Anglia’s leading dedicated Will writing providers, serving tens of thousands of clients. In addition to writing Wills, we offer a full probate serv...[more]

  01603 894500

Hilltop Outdoor Centre

Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism | Venues | Venues

Hilltop Outdoor Centre offers Team Reward Days & Business Development Courses along with Summer Family Adventure Days, Children’s Birthday Parties and Outdoor Educational visits to Primary Schoo...[more]

  01263 824514

Hobbies Ltd


Since 1895, Hobbies Ltd have been supplying model makers and enthusiasts with a wide range of quality model kits, accessories, tools, components and guidebooks.

  01508 549330


Driving Schools | Other

We are your local Norfolk driving school providing lessons to people of all ages and ability. We offer quality driving lessons with both male and female instructors in both manual and automatic car...[more]

  01603 957097

HTS Supplies Ltd



  01508 520768


Business Services | Web Design and Development

Stylish functional websites combined with strategic marketing solutions for ethical and sustainable small businesses that have a positive social and environmental impact; in particular wellness, coach...[more]

  07557 006 946

Hulbert West Ltd

Finance | Professional Services

Hulbert West will listen to you. We help you with your investments, retirement planning or other financial planning needs and provide a personal service. We are the ideal firm for individual investors...[more]

  01603 759784

Ian Ward – Coving and Artexing

Construction | Decorating

Ian Ward – Coving and Artexing with over 42 years of experience in coving and artexing for a wide variety of customers. Ian is very trustworthy and personable and can do all types of coving and a...[more]

  01760 723902 or 07788 138729

Iceni Magazine

Other | Publishing

Iceni Magazine is a free monthly lifestyle publication for Norwich and Norfolk. Initially the magazine will be available at key drop-off points throughout Norwich and Norfolk and is available to view ...[more]

  01953 453 768

Iconic Estate Agents

Estate Agents | Professional Services

At ICONIC Estate Agents we FIRST and FOREMOST specialise and FOCUS on the HIGH LEVELS of CUSTOMER SERVICE we give our Buyers and Sellers. With over 60 years combined experienced and local knowledge...[more]

  01603 261104

Inspire Norfolk

Training | Training | Training, Education and Personal Development

Here at Inspire Norfolk we support businesses to recruit apprentices and entry level staff. We take the hard work out of the process so that business owners can get on with their day to day activities...[more]

  01603 670909

Inspired Renewables Ltd

Energy | Renewables

Inspired Renewables Ltd are a company that lives by its commitment to renewable energy. We understand and can advise on all aspects of green energy, how it saves you money and how it helps save the en...[more]

  01493 751500

instromet weather systems ltd

IT and Technology | Weather Monitoring

Instromet Weather Systems Ltd are a UK manufactures of prestige hand-built weather stations and weather monitoring & activation equipment. Our product range of weather stations includes wind, rai...[more]

  01692 502800


IT | IT and Technology

Inter-Logic is an IT service company, providing a full suite of IT services tailored to small business customers. We offer pay as you go, and managed support contracts, as well as custom application d...[more]

  01362 709044

Investing Ethically Ltd

Finance | Professional Services

Investing Ethically are a firm of independent financial advisers who care deeply about ethical investment. Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds, each with a diverse range of beliefs and ethi...[more]

  01603 309020

Iron Maidens


Iron Maidens Norwich offers a professional laundry and ironing service, dry cleaning, with collection and delivery at a frequency that suits your needs. Delivering a high standard at an affordable rat...[more]

  01603 660305

J and P Decorators

Construction | Decorating

Welcome to J and P Decorators. We are Jay & Peter from the famous J&P Decorators. We do all types of interior decorating. We do all types of exterior decorating. And we do all types of comm...[more]

  07834 612463

Joe Lenton Photography

Business Services | Photography

If you want your business to stand out and be noticed in our visual age then you need eye-catching images. Joe is a multiple international award-winning photographer whose work has featured in local, ...[more]

  01603 516288

Karen Eason Certified Accountant Limited

Accountants | Professional Services

Karen Eason is a member of the ACCA and AAT and has 30 years of ‘at the coal-face’ accountancy experience. This enables her to offer a professional and personal service tailored to the needs of yo...[more]


LAMB Social Media

Business Services | Marketing

Based near King’s Lynn, LAMB Social Media provides social media management, in-house training and regular workshops for local businesses. We will get to know your business, your current client base ...[more]

  01553 886113

Larking Gowen

Accountants | Professional Services

At Larking Gowen, we see ourselves as more than purely chartered accountants. We’ll look after all your tax and finance issues, and we’ll be trusted business advisors...[more]

  0330 024 0888

Leaping Hare CIC

Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism | Tourism

Leaping Hare is a Community Interest Company that provides ‘Thetford’s Great Information Centre’. We provide information to local residents, visitors and also offer a Box Office service for even...[more]

  01842 751975

LiveLink Resource

Business Services | Business Support

LiveLink are award-winning professional, friendly virtual super-heroes. Providing virtual reception to health, hospitality, professional services with bespoke diary management. Callers will assume ...[more]

  01603 513111

Love Spoons Jewellery

Creative and Arts | Jewellery

I recycle old Hallmarked pieces of Sterling Silver cutlery, such as spoons forks and sugar tongs, into wonderful pieces of jewellery with history, perhaps YOUR history. Each piece comes with a Prov...[more]


Lovewell Blake LLP

Accountants | Professional Services

In supporting over 10,000 business and personal clients, Lovewell Blake knows that each and every one is different. It’s because of this that our support is tailor-made to suit our clients’ needs....[more]

  01603 663300

MAAC Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning | Energy | Heating | Home and Garden | Renewables

MAAC Air Conditioning are an established business and we pride ourselves on being a local and genuine company that delivers work on time from start to finish. We constantly strive to provide our custo...[more]

  01362 858456

Mason Williams Ltd.

Accountants | Professional Services

LET MASON WILLIAMS ACCOUNTANTS BE YOUR INVISIBLE F.D. We operate Xero, a secure, easy to use cloud based accounting system that enables us to be with you any t...[more]

  01603 872615

Mayday Office Equipment Services Limited

Business Services | Office Equipment

Mayday Office Equipment Services are the only independent Ricoh supplier in Norfolk, supporting Colour Photocopiers, Printers and Scanners. Facilities and Print Management Solutions providers. M...[more]

  01603 481995

Mindmerge Ltd

Home and Garden | Home Technologies

With over 30 years’ experience, Mindmerge specialise in Smart Homes and Offices. Working with products like Rako, Lutron and Sonos we are your natural choice for all your Lighting Control, Home Cine...[more]

  07788 498252


Business Services | Events | Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism | Marketing

MJR Events organises events in East Anglia and the surrounding area, from wedding fairs to The Norfolk Bump & Beyond Baby and Toddler Fair, which is the largest baby and toddler fair in Norfolk. ...[more]

  07531 120817

Morton Reeves Estate Agents

Estate Agents | Professional Services

Morton Reeves Estate Agents offer honest advice decanted from excellent local knowledge and over 20 years of experience. We are using new techniques to sell homes to the buyers of today. We offer full...[more]

  01603 432000

NM Finance Ltd

Finance | Professional Services

If friendly, independent financial advice from qualified professionals is what you seek then contact our team at NM Finance. We offer: - Mortgages - Buy-to-Let Mortgages - Business Development Fina...[more]

  01603 258268

Norfolk Brewhouse

Food and Drink | Food Producers

Norfolk Brewhouse create distinct ales and lagers, brewed with passion in north Norfolk using water from our own well and East Anglia’s finest malting barley. Our lagers called StubbleStag and De...[more]

  01328 878495

Norfolk Chamber of Commerce

Business Services | Business Support

Norfolk's largest business membership network. We provide networking opportunities, share knowledge, offer business advice and support, signpost to business opportunities and inspire innovative thinki...[more]

  01603 625977

Norfolk Gift Box


Norfolk Gift Box is an on-line business offering some of the best products and memorabilia in a gift box, from some great Norfolk companies and artists, some well known and some not so well known.

  07756 655082

Norfolk Veg Box

Food and Drink | Food Producers

Norfolk Veg Box – delivering boxes of local produce to the homes and businesses of Norfolk.

  01953 457393

Norfolk Will Writing Services Ltd

Professional Services

Norfolk Will Writing Services Ltd are the original will writing company in Norfolk originally founded in 1987 who offer to its clients a genuine friendly, prompt and efficient Legal Service offering W...[more]

  01692 650397


Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism | Tourism

Norfolk-Tours: Tailored tours. Everything arranged for you, from airport arrival to departure. All you need to do, is get to England! Family history tours are our speciality & I will carry out ext...[more]

  01362 860096

North Walsham Signs

Business Services | Printing

Formed in 2005, North Walsham Signs is a family run business providing a range of printed products from embroidered workwear to vinyl banners, vehicle graphics and sign boards for small to medium size...[more]

  01692 402423

Norwich Glass Company Ltd


Norwich Glass Company are the largest independent glass supplier in Norwich. We supply glass and glass installation services to both the general public and trade industries. We pride ourselves in c...[more]

Norwich Print Solutions

Business Services | Printing

Norwich Print Solutions was established in 2005 and is owned and managed by husband and wife team, Pippa and Mark Redmond. Between them they boast over 50 years experience in printing and pride themse...[more]

  01603 430730

Norwich Sunblinds

Furnishings | Home and Garden

At Norwich Sunblinds, we take pride in our range of vertical blinds, conservatory blinds, office blinds and more. That’s because all of our blinds are manufactured from start to finish by our expert...[more]

  01603 615 945

Nu Image Design

Business Services | Web Design and Development

Nu Image Design specialise in Web Design, Online Marketing and Graphic Design. Working with a number of prestigious local clients, we have built a reputation for providing a platinum class service at ...[more]

  01603 859 007

NU Osteopathy Limited

Health, Beauty and Wellbeing | Osteopath

NU Osteopathy was founded in September 2018. Our aim is to restore balance to our patients and help them achieve optimum health.



Food and Drink | Food Producers

OakVilla is a craft Gin distiller based in Wymondham, Norfolk. We distil our Gin in small batches in our 380 litre column pot still, then we label, bottle and seal by hand.


Office Furniture Scene

Business Services | Office Equipment

Office Furniture Scene is a local retailer for leading office furniture brands including Herman Miller, Elite Office Furniture, Bestuhl, Aeris, Humanscale, Boss Design and Orangebox. We can provide al...[more]

  01603 722483

Orange Heating Supplies

Energy | Heating

Orange Heating Supplies have over 25 years experience in Underfloor Heating and a wealth of knowledge in plumbing and heating supplies. We offer an underfloor heating design service, free local delive...[more]

  0333 240 0206

Orchard K Lettings

Estate Agents | Professional Services

Orchard K Lettings are a local independent family run modern lettings agents. Our focus is on providing high-quality professional service to both landlords and tenants at affordable prices.


Osiris Technologies

IT | IT and Technology

We’re Osiris Technologies – a family technologies business with a strong focus on community. We pride ourselves on our excellence in service in delivering full IT support strategy and delivery. ...[more]

  01603 964914

P.S.H. Environmental Ltd


Family owned and run Norfolk skip hire company, we provide specialist waste management and recycling to dispose of your unwanted goods correctly

  01603 721533


IT and Technology

PanaEpos provides and installs business systems throughout all industry sectors. Services include: EPoS Cash Registers CCTV Networking Wifi and Broadband Solutions


Paul Kirk Design

Business Services | Graphic Design

Paul Kirk Design covers all types of design – whether it’s design for print (leaflets, flyers, brochures, banners, corporate identity and the like), web design, social media training & support...[more]

  07787 195504

Paul Macro Photography

Creative and Arts | Photography

Lifestyle, Commercial & Landscape Photographer.

  07727 644092

Peniston Limited

Builders | Construction

Established in 2005, Peniston Construction has built a strong reputation for delivering quality workmanship, on time, every time. Our building services cover projects of all sizes, from new builds and...[more]

  01553 770122

Perfect Pixel Media

Business Services | Graphic Design

We provide graphic design, web design, printing services, web hosting throughout Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, East Anglia, United Kingdom.

  01493 202338

Photostatic Anglia Ltd

Business Services | Office Equipment

Photostatic Anglia Ltd specialise in the sales and service of Network Photocopiers, Laser Printers and Duplicators. Offering a wide range of products with support from leading manufacturers we are abl...[more]

  01603 613 969

Poppyseed Baking

Catering | Food and Drink

Poppyseed Baking provides home baked cakes and pastries delivered fresh to local cafes in and around the Norwich area.  Gluten free and vegan options can be easily accommodated. Also bespoke cater...[more]


Power Different

Energy | Renewables

Power Different specialise in installing, repairing and replacing Solar PV Panels across East Anglia. We also provide essential maintenance to ensure units run as efficiently as possible. Many busi...[more]

  01603 406052

Presentation Works Ltd.

Business Consultancy | Business Services

Training or rehearsal time for teams or individuals (business or private): - Public Speaking - Presentations - Interviews - Verbal and non-verbal communication Also, Voice Over work undertaken fo...[more]

  01362 853595

Pro-Wills Ltd

Professional Services

friendly Estate Planning and Will Writing Service. Our services include Wills & Trusts, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Deputyships, Funeral Plans and more. We can arrange consultations either i...[more]

  07789 561320

Pymm & Co

Estate Agents

Professional estate agents and Lettings Agents with 6 branches in and around Norwich, focusing on providing a high level of dedicated service to their customers.

  01603 305805

Queen B Bath & Body Ltd


Queen B Bath & Body - an independent brand of natural and affordable skin care and bath goodies, designed to make you feel your absolute best.


R Todd Insurance Services Ltd

Insurance | Professional Services

Since 1978, R Todd Insurance Services Ltd have been providing insurance advice and policies for both personal and commercial customers. We have a reputation of being totally focused on identifying the...[more]

  01493 603313

Research Plus+

Business Services | Research

Research Plus+ delivers professional research with practical results that can help improve your organisation. For businesses we offer customer satisfaction, staff surveys and staff stress audits. For ...[more]

  01603 408289

Resolve Carpet Care

Cleaning | Home and Garden

Resolve Carpet Care provide a professional grade carpet & upholstery cleaning service, using a revolutionary, dry-clean system – producing outstanding, long-lasting results. We are proud to b...[more]

  01603 783199

Richard Jarmy Photography

Creative and Arts | Photography

I’m Richard, a professional photographer based in the awesome City of Norwich in Norfolk with my wonderful family, Christina & Jude. I consider myself to be a happy and smiley guy with a pass...[more]


RM Crafts – Jewellery

Creative and Arts | Jewellery

Handmade original Jewellery with Sterling Silver specialising in Seaglass, Dichroic Glass & Swarovski Crystal plus handmade Pewter Beads plus Jewellery repairs & re-strings.



Business Services | Marketing

RowanTreeCopy is a one-person freelance copywriting and editing agency, based in Norwich, with a particular interest in working with social enterprises, community groups and campaigning organisations....[more]


Rural Broadband

Broadband | IT and Technology

Wherever you are in Norfolk you can have 20Mbps Broadband with one of our Satellite receivers. Short or long term hire Rural Broadband can tailor a package which delivers the Broadband you need at a s...[more]

  01485 572 253

S Hewitt Plumbing & Heating Installations

Home and Garden | Plumbing

S Hewitt Plumbing & Heating Installations, is Gas Safe and Oftec registered, giving you peace of mind that you are in safe hands. We are a small, family run business and you will always have the s...[more]

  07849 879 968

S1 Builders Norfolk

Builders | Construction

S1 Builders Norfolk cater for all the requirements of an ever changing environment. We are a family run Norfolk business that caters for all types of works from new to old. Our tradesmen use all tradi...[more]

  08009 775 202 01328 730 206 07817 878 580

S2 Computers Ltd

IT | IT and Technology

Providing Norwich with unique proactive IT support. At S2, we know that you rely on your IT to help you get business done. You don’t want hassle, things going wrong and loads of technical jargon. Yo...[more]

  01603 670682

Samuels of Norfolk

Business Services | Printing

We have grown from being a family run business, successfully screen printing and embroidering garments in Norfolk since 1984, to what is now one of the most established garment personalisation compani...[more]


Season’s Bounty

Food and Drink | Food Producers

A multiple world champion marmalade creator, winning an 8th Gold and 10th and 11th Silver medals at the 2018 World Original Marmalade Awards, adding to the seven Bronze and five Commended awards alrea...[more]

  07707 029940


Business Services | Marketing

A digital agency for brands with ambition. We use strategies, technologies and campaigns to help brands achieve extraordinary things. We work closely with our clients to help them reach their digit...[more]

  01603 760 767

Shaper Accountants

Accountants | Professional Services

Shaper Accountants are chartered management accountants offering a full range of services from bookkeeping, accounts, tax & VAT to management accounts, dashboards & business advice – we are ...[more]

  01603 516304

Sheta Ltd

Builders | Construction

Sheta Ltd is a small family company of builders based in Norwich, undertaking work throughout Norfolk. We pride ourselves on being honest, thorough, insured and competitive while completing work to...[more]

  01603 446300

ShowerPowerBooster Ltd

Home and Garden | Maintenance

ShowerPowerBooster Ltd sell innovative solutions for your home or factory. An amazing patented pump to solve dribble taps and showers – the very best in shower heads and hoses. Innovation and in ...[more]

  01603 702775

Sim-Fly Norfolk (Simulator Flying Ltd)

Entertainment | Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism

Always wanted to fly? Now you can… Simulator Flying Ltd. (Sim-Fly) is based at Old Buckenham airfield in central Norfolk, UK and specialises in teaching ‘flying’ or having ‘flying’ exper...[more]

  01953 860914

Simon Hiscox Web Design

Business Services | Marketing

I run a monthly marketing club in Norwich to show businesses how to be found on the Internet using Google and Social Media. I also design and build websites that help people best showcase their busine...[more]


Sir Toby’s Beers

Food and Drink | Food Producers

Home of The #NorfolkBeerBox, Micro-brewed real ale and craft beer which showcases the cracking beer produced by the many small brewers in the fine county of Norfolk. Online beer shop selling gift pack...[more]

  07786 993314


Creative and Arts



Sonkai Jewellers


Sonkai is an independent working jewellers with an open-plan studio workshop located within the retail store. Sonkai specialises in designing and making bespoke one-off commissions for their customers...[more]

  01603 625533

Structure-flex Ltd


Structure-flex is a leading digital printer with the latest large-format printing technologies capable of printing directly onto roll-fed media. Specialising in the use of PVC and high-frequency fabri...[more]

  01263 863 100

Surface Repair Solutions

Home and Garden | Maintenance

We can restore most surfaces that have been scratched,chipped or cracked,using the latest techniques and materials so the repair blends into the surrounding area saving you up to 50% off the cost of r...[more]

  07881 922217

Sweet Craft

Catering | Food and Drink

One of the leading local cheese suppliers in Norfolk. Local cheese and other treats. Supplying local independent delis, cafés, pubs, restaurants, hotels, caterers etc. You can find us at some of l...[more]

  01603 470 552



Swiftfit is an MOT, service, repair and tyre centre with over 30 years experience in the trade. Priding themselves on fantastic customer service and providing main dealer quality at an affordable pric...[more]

  01603 700128

Swinton Accountants

Accountants | Professional Services

Swinton Accountants was born out of our desire to become much more than your accountant, to our customers we are key advisors and trusted business partners, as well as being chartered accountants and ...[more]

  01603 812131

Tactile Solutions Limited

IT | IT and Technology

Welcome to Tactile Solutions, we’re delighted to have your attention. We present ourselves a little differently to your typical IT Solutions & Digital Marketing Company as we’ve developed the ...[more]

  01603 959083

Tank Replacement Services Ltd

Energy | Heating

Tank Replacement Services are East Anglia’s No.1 Oil Tank Replacement specialist. If you need a new oil tank you can call us anytime for friendly advice and a no obligation quotation. We have a w...[more]

  01362 687144

TBS Norwich Limited

Accountants | Builders | Professional Services

TBS Norwich are accountants who specialise in Cloud Software and systems improvements. Our main goal is to improve your business by helping you produce accurate financial information on a regular basi...[more]

  01603 516170

The Animals Of

Creative and Arts

The Animals Of is a one woman design studio. That woman is me, Rachel Lee! I create beautiful animal illustrations and turn them into wonderful wares.

  07983 536160

The Apiary Cake and Coffee House

Food and Drink | Food Producers

A producer of fine cakes, celebration cakes, bread, pastries and more. We source as much of the ingredients as we can from local artisan suppliers. We sell from our retail premises and also wholesale ...[more]


The Benjamin Foundation


The Benjamin Foundation is a Norfolk based charity which is expanding to deliver services in neighbouring counties. We support 2,000 children, young people and families every year with issues like hom...[more]

  01603 615670

The Black Swan Inn

Food and Drink | Pubs

At the Black Swan, we have a eleven luxurious en-suite bedrooms, a contemporary dining space, cosy bar area and function/conference room at your convenience for any event you may need. We pride oursel...[more]

  01603 897787

The Durban Grill

Catering | Food and Drink

The Durban Grill is Norfolks finest South African Street Food Business. We specialise in traditional Zulu and South African recipes including the use of exotic meats such as Ostrich and Crocodile. On ...[more]


The Joinery Workshop North Norfolk

Construction | Joinery

The Joinery Workshop North Norfolk is a family-run business. From renovations, restorations and barn conversions to listed properties and new builds, we employ the latest manufacturing methods and ...[more]

  01263 510033

The Lanes Clinic, Norwich.

Health, Beauty and Wellbeing | Wellbeing

Our beautiful historic building is situated within The Norwich Lanes. We house a community of professional therapists offering a wide range of therapies.


The Missing Kind


The Missing Kind believes in a compassionate world where kindness has no boundaries. The charity supports kindness warriors, enabling them to make a difference globally; to people, planet and animals....[more]

  01603 850309

The Space Norwich

Venues | Venues

The Space Norwich is a flexible venue with lots of space for hire We offer free parking for all our guests We have space for 5 - 500

  01603 484630


Builders | Construction

Leading portable toilet hire provider for over 25 years, supplying clean toilets across South, East and Central England.

  08000 933341

Trott Rentals

Other | Vehicle Hire

Trott Rentals have been providing van hire to Norfolk for 50 years and throughout the lifetime of our business, our focus has been on pairing reliable, professional vehicles for hire with fantastic cu...[more]

  0800 328 3887

True Story

Business Services | Marketing | Publishing

True Story combines marketing expertise with the art of storytelling to create an imaginative and engaging approach to communications. Leah Larwood is an expert in food, drink, travel, wellbeing and ...[more]


Twist Development Limited

Business Services | Web Design and Development

Here at Twist Development we’re more than just web designers, we’re web developers – This means we code everything by hand to guarantee the perfect solution for your business. No templates. No f...[more]

  01603 552045

Type and Image

Business Services | Graphic Design

Type and Image is owned and run by Lynda Sullivan who has over 40 years’ experience as a Graphic Designer and Typographer. Design of all printed matter specialising in logo design, stationery, broch...[more]

  01379 676713

Vintage Partyware


If you’ve come across Vintage Partyware, then the chances are you’re looking for ways to add romance, style, and personality to your wedding or party! Eclectic and genuinely vintage decoration and...[more]

  01553 886844

Weddell and Turner Limited

Food and Drink | Food Producers

Makers of premium quality cakes, gingerbread, chocolates and biscuits that are completely gluten and dairy free. Hand made to order and guaranteed to be enjoyed all your customers. Our patisserie rang...[more]

  07958 942633

Westcotec Ltd

IT and Technology | Weather Monitoring

Westcotec Ltd, a family owned company, design, manufacture and install a comprehensive range of quality vehicle activated signs and innovative traffic safety systems.

  01362 853124

Wiveton Hall

Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism | Venues

Situated on the North Norfolk coast between Blakeney and Cley-next-the-Sea, Wiveton Hall is a dreamy, flint-faced, Dutch-gabled, Jacobean manor house built in the 17th century. Its unique atmosphere, ...[more]

  01263 740515


Health, Beauty and Wellbeing

Yogavision is a brand new venture by yoga and marketing professional Debbie Harris. After years of running her own business as a marketer and photographer ( & practising yoga in her spare time!) s...[more]