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At DMB Norwich Ltd we provide an honest and friendly service that is also competitively priced. We will work as quickly and efficiently as possible to fix all your plumbing problems. We offer a huge range of standard plumbing work as well as specialised services.

• Boiler installations
• Central heating
• All plumbing repairs
• Bathroom and kitchens – from design, full installations to tiling.
• Under floor heating
• Air source heat pumps
• Solar panels
• 24 hour emergency call outs
• Complete installations for new builds and older property refurbishments.

Call Dennis now on 01603 702 613 for any questions or a FREE quote.

Plumbing services you can rely on.

All our work is completed to the highest of standards and we carry full insurance. Dennis, the owner of the business, has worked as a plumber and heating engineer for many years. In addition to his four years City and Guilds training, he holds qualifications in advanced plumbing and is trained in solar hot water panels and unvented cylinder courses. We are also experts in fitting air source heat pumps and are registered with Mitsubishi as installers.

DMB Norwich Ltd holds all the legally required ACS gas qualifications — so you can 100% trust our work always meets safety standards.

Need a plumber urgently? We offer 24 hour emergency call outs and FREE quotations on all our work. Call us now on 01603702613.

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boiler installations, central heating, bathrooms, underfloor heating, solar panels

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