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Any business truly local to Norfolk is welcome to join
Buy Local Norfolk.
To apply to join, simply complete the form below.

The application process

  • Complete and submit the form below including naming 5 local businesses you currently purchase from
  • The Buy Local Norfolk Directors will check your application and will contact you if they have any questions about your application
  • Once approved, you will receive an invoice for your membership and can pay via the website or via bacs
  • You’ll be asked to complete and submit your details for your online profile and Buy Local Norfolk directory
  • You can then start taking advantage of all the wonderful membership benefits.

Apply to become a member

To protect the integrity and purpose of our brand, we must ensure all members are genuinely local independent businesses based in Norfolk. Please confirm you meet the following criteria.

  • The main/head office of your business must be based within Norfolk
  • Your business uses at least five other Norfolk based businesses for supplies and/or services
  • Your business is privately owned, not publicly traded
  • The owner(s) of the business must be free to make decisions about the business at all levels
  • More than 50% of the business ownership must live within 50 miles of the main place of business
  • The business must not be a franchise (unless the franchiser HQ is based in Norfolk)

Application form

Please name 5 Norfolk businesses that you currently purchase from.

I agree that my business fully meets Buy Local Norfolk’s requirements for membership. Where relevant I will offer fellow Buy Local members the opportunity to quote for work. I will act in a fair and reasonable manner with fellow Buy Local Norfolk members and those associated with Buy Local. I have a deep sense of pride in Norfolk

The annual membership fee is £120. All memberships expire 31st December. When a new member joins part way through a year, the full months for which they have not been a member are deducted; e.g. if a new member joins in May the membership fee would be £80 (or 8 months @ £10) because 4 full months have already passed. The subscription fee may be paid in full or monthly in instalments via BACS, Standing Order or PayPal. Buy Local Norfolk will forward all payment details once we have received your completed application form and checked your five suppliers.
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